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Belly Dance - Zumba

Alisa Shine

International Dance Studio Pattaya

Alisa Shine is an international belly dance artist and instructor with over 10 years experience in teaching and performing internationally

Alisa is a winner and workshop presenter of multiple belly dance festivals across the globe (Australia, Singapore, The Netherlands,  Indonesia,  Thailand,  Vietnam etc), cast member of Bellydance Evolution's "Fantasm 1001 night" (produced by Jillina Carlano, Sydney, 2019), featured dancer of "The Journey Along The Silk Road" (produced by Kaeshi Chai, Brisbane, Australia, 2016); residential dancer of top Middle Eastern restaurants of Melbourne,  Australia (2014 - 2019) as well as private functions, festivals and charity events. With great commitment and love for Oriental dance Alisa has been teaching classes for various levels, age groups and cultural origins.

Alongside with bellydance Alisa has been giving energetic and fun Zumba classes for those who like to sweat it out and to have loads of fun while exercising!"