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Classical dance, Ballet for adults

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Suites to people who want to become more gracefull and flexible. Helps to develop perfect posture.

Choreography is adapted to any dance level.

The class included warm up, exercises at the barrier (including stretching), the middle (classical exercises and jumping ,dance combination) and the parterre (strengthening of muscles and stretching).

There are a few levels of training from beginner to advanced.




This lesson is avalable for all levels and differents ages

Included exercises in the middle of the class, on the floor and near the barriers

Contemporary dance

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An amazing mix of classical ballet steps and modern movements, focusing on the expression of inner feelings and improvisation.

This class teaches of control the body on different levels and gives sense of balance as well as help to build up muscle strength.

Includes jumping,choreography and parterre's dance

Belly dance

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Another name for this style is ORIENTAL MODERN dance.

The most  movements of BELLY DANCE involve isolating different parts of the body (hips, shoulders, chest, stomach).

the class helps not only to improve your plasticity, body shape and sense of rhythm, but also to stay young in any age ad feel more feminine and sensual.

Kids dance group. Baby ballet group

International dance studio

Specially for the youngest ones we offer  dance class а with plenty of benefits!

  • formation of posture and harmonious development of whole the body
  • improving of hearing and sence of rhytm
  • building up body confidence along with a great fun!
  • Special lesson for the kids 3 to 5 yo
  • Kids dance group 6 to 9 yo
  • Included the elements of the classical dance, modern dance, gymnastics and stretching adapted to the youngest 

Flamenco basic

International dance studio

Highly expresive spanish dance style characterized by hard clapping percussive foot work and intricate arms and body movements, completely adaptated for all dance levels.

Based on original movements, steps and rhythms of flamenco